Welcome to ErrorStream For Yii 1.0
Here we're going to show you how to install the extension for yii 1.0 and how to integrate it into your project. Your code will only report errors when enabled is set to true, so you can disable this during development if you do not want any additional reporting.
1) Download the zip from here or here
2) Extract the errorstream folder to your extensions directory.
3) Add the ErrorStreamLogger to your log routes in your config/main.php file. Make sure to use the api token and project token from the project settings page:

            'class'         => 'application.extensions.errorstream.ErrorStreamLogger',
            'api_token'     => 'YOUR API TOKEN HERE',
            'project_token' => 'YOUR PROJECT TOKEN HERE',
            'levels'        => 'info, error, warning',
            'enabled'       => true,