Welcome! We have a lot of official libraries (packages) in development, but if you would like to integrate with us directly on your own, it's very simple.
The API uses JSON requests and responses. It is advised that you send all data over https to ensure your data is properly secured.
When receiving an error, check the HTTP status code. Anything other than a 200 response will be accompanied by a JSON error message detailing the issue.
As an example, a JSON response with an error will include a message, like so

        "message":"project_token is required"
Rate Limiting
Rate limiting information is send via HTTP headers. The two parameters indicate the rate limit your plan supplies, as well as how much you've used in the last minute. If you use the entire rate limit, you will get locked out of the API for a 1 minute cooldown period. When you get a HTTP code 429 "Too Many Attempts". In the below example, there are an alloted 10 requests per minute. We used one, so we have 9 remaning. After 60 seconds from the first request we will have our rate limit refreshed to 10. To increase your rate limit, upgrade your subscription. If you reach your rate limit the administrator of your team will be notified and the request will not be saved.